After six sessions of work, and a bit over 6 hours total this painting is finished.  It took me a while to finish, but I’m very happy with the outcome.
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Well, there hasn’t been many paintings that I have continued for 5 session on, but I think this one is coming along nicely and if I have to take my slow time to get it right then so be it.
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This is the fourth night working on this painting. I’m only spending an hour on this painting each session, so its taking a bit of time to finish.
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Continued work on this still life tonight. Not much to say about it other than its coming along slowly.
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I’m really taking my time on this one. I spent the whole hour tonight just on the orange and a small area around it.
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I spent lots of time on drawing this one tonight and I started it different than most of my paintings. I began with graphite and carefully drew the glasses and orange. I will still work closely on the drawing moving forward but after 1 hour or work I like where it is going.
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I spent 1 hour of time resolving this small painting more. I’m somewhat happy with the outcome. But part of me feels that I’m loosing my ability or something, my latest paintings have been less than satisfactory in my eyes. It is not a simple thing to reproduce the visual representation of objects accurately.
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Tonight I painted using a “site size” method. I have used this method before, many months ago. It helps with drawing which I have been doing terrible on lately.
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I don’t have much to say about this one tonight. Its a terrible painting, I was focusing on drawing but it was late and I was to tired. Totally my fault, I have a lot to learn from this one.
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I wanted to see what the orange would be like over black, I was thinking it would be very intense but I always mute my colors so much that it still seems a bit dull.
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