I’m working very methodically on this one. I”m not sure if its going to turn out well, but I will spend another session on it.
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After a painting that takes a while with lots of detail I like to have at least one session of loose and fun painting. I don’t worry about too much here, I like to get the drawing correct and the values close, but other than that I treat it as a fun session with no attention to small details.
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I must say, that I’m glad I’m done with this painting. It has taken me much longer than I wanted, partly due to some nights of only working a half hour. But, I’m very happy with the outcome.
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Session six tonight and I only spent a half hour, my head wasn’t in it tonight.
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Session 5 tonight, and struggling with taking my time on this one.
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Session 4 tonight, I didn’t get home till late so I only worked for a half hour.
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This is the third session on this painting. Hopefully sometime this week my days will not be so busy that I can work more than 1 hour a night.
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This is the second session on this painting.
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Death lies on her, like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.Romeo and Juliet, Act IV, scene 5, line 28.

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A short study of a sunflower tonight.
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