When I’m working on a piece and I feel something close to a spiritual experience, this is when I know I’m working on something profound. Even if no one else feels the same when looking at it, it doesn’t matter. This is what I was born for. Read More

Today the Gage Academy Sunday open studio started back up again. I am really loving this open session. As soon as they lit the model today I had a huge burst of creative energy because of the great contrast in value and color. The light on her left was warm but the light on her right was super orange and fiery, it was amazingly dramatic and I couldn’t help but be inspired.  Read More

This is the first painting of our backyard at this new apartment. It was such a nice day that I couldn’t pass it up. Also the light hitting the foreground tree was amazing. Although, by the time I took the setup picture the light had changed dramatically. Read More

I just about blacked out the entire paper today and begun working back into the lighter areas of the scene. Read More

With a deep desire to figure out why I love this scene so much I have started on a larger series of works based on a previous painting I did at A&C art supply. Read More

I have been coming to this class every Wednesday for over a year now and I had this idea of posting images or at least a link to the artwork I was doing one year ago. I think it will be nice to see my progress, if any. Read More

Tonight in painting class we had a wonderful discussion with all the artist about their work they completed over the few months that the class was going on. Luckily I got there a bit early and was able to start a new painting of a subject in the studio that I painted before. But, I had to continue the painting at home from photos that I took while at the studio. Read More

Not much to say about tonight’s work. It was late and I wanted to do something so I used some online figure reference to draw figures for an hour. Read More

Tonight was a combination of a random subject matter and false lighting. I used an app on my phone to pick some random numbers and I ended up in the kitchen with my portable light searching for a subject. For weeks now I have looked at our orange bowl capturing sun light streaming in through our kitchen window. I couldn’t capture the sunlight so I used my lamp and made my own. Read More

Tonight wasn’t a random pick, but I didn’t contrive a still life either. A few weeks back I purchased a really cheap small lamp from Goodwill and tonight I used it to light random things around my apartment. I made no effort to change the apartment or its messiness in any way, I just added dramatic lighting and I was amazed at how quickly the ordinary became extraordinary.  Read More

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