Figure Drawing

Tonight I worked exclusively on accuracy. More and more I’m becoming convinced that the most important part of drawing and painting well, at least for representational art, is accuracy. After reading this post and looking back at my past history of work, I can see that regular practice in estimation and measuring estimations has resulted in considerable improvement in my work. (more…)


Three Daisies

I’m annoyed at the canvas I used for this painting. It would have been a very nice painting if the canvas wasn’t crap. I will have to paint it over soon on a more smooth gesso board. (more…)


Drawing Accurately

Tonight my focus was all about putting down accurate lines. I was going very slow and repeating the same pose many times. The purpose is to try and get myself into the habit of putting lines down correctly all of the time. I find this is one of the biggest struggles for me and most artists. If I could put down a line or a shape with correct placement, angle, width and height all the time then most of the difficulties of representational art would be behind me. (more…)