The drawings and painting tonight wasn’t spectacular but I felt fairly good about both. The ball behind the model ended up looking like the moon and for some reason I was really disliking that. There is something about a very made up cliche that I really dislike.
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I’m constantly amazed how beautiful the most simple things can be. Recycle bin trash in the right light can be amazing. I wish I would have painted this larger now.
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Wow we were out really late tonight celebrating Pattie’s amazing accomplishments and win of the Biggest looser challenge at Vision Quest. It was such a great night, but even though it was close to 1 am I was still able to paint this cool little cake that Julie got for Pattie.
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I did another very small painting tonight. I like these because they force me to deal with just big shapes of things and not too much detail. I also like them because the can be quick and all about the composition.
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Not much to say about this session, I spent a short time today looking at different composition ideas.
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For some reason I felt like doing a very small painting tonight. I was in one of those weird moods where I could tune out everything else in my head and just have some extreme focus on detail. Although I didn’t finish it, the progress was going well.
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I finally finished this drawing tonight. I’m very happy with how it turned out, but I’m not too happy with the picture of it. It really does well in very low light.
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I struggled a lot with the painting tonight. Seems fitting I guess, every time I complete a great figure painting in class almost inevitably the next painting turns out terrible. I’m not sure why that is, but I’m comfortable with it. Most of the time when I struggle with a painting and it turns out bad, this is when I learn the most.
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Some paintings, like tonight’s, unexpectedly turn out to be very striking. This one was a bit random and rushed but I really enjoy the composition and lighting.
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When I’m working on a piece and I feel something close to a spiritual experience, this is when I know I’m working on something profound. Even if no one else feels the same when looking at it, it doesn’t matter. This is what I was born for. Read More

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