Still fascinated by the oranges and working on trying to paint them as genuine as possible. Dealing with these very intense colors is difficult. It makes it very hard to judge values.
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I was really fascinated by the intensity of the color as the light passed through the pulp of the orange. I also liked the kitchen wall in the background cutting the composition in half.
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I really enjoy the high contrast lighting cast upon the orange and the salt shaker almost disappearing into the background.
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This is the third session for this painting, finishing it up tonight. Lots of drawing issues but I had fun with it.
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Session 2 of spices and bottles. I had to break out my more intense colors for this subject. It seems like the only time I need a cadmium red, cadmium yellow and manganese blue is when unnatural manufactured products are involved. The last series of paintings my most intense color was alizarin crimson.


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A new subject today. I was looking at all of my paintings hanging in our hallway and I wanted to find one that I liked enough to do another months worth of paintings of. I chose this one, which I have liked immensely since the day I painted it. So, tonight is the first session of spices.
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This is the third and last session of this painting and I’m really proud of what I have accomplished. I really feel that this painting is a culmination of all that I have learned over the last month of painting this similar subject daily.
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Session 2 of the jar of tea with my tree lamp. I’m working really hard on this one with tons of focus. My main idea is to paint this as if the artists I look up to most will be seeing it. If it’s not right and I know it, don’t let it pass.
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Session 1 of the tree lamp, a jar of tea and a wine bottle.
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Olive oil and two wine bottles.
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