Backlit Daisies 2

Some days are easier than others, then sometime you get several days in a row where each painting is a struggle. Not sure what is going on here, but these daisies are really challenging me. I think I will blame it on their wilting. I wiped out last nights painting and began this one, but … Continue

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Backlit Daisies

This was a real struggle tonight. I like how I lit these daisies but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was seeing. I was constantly confused of what I was looking at, I know it sounds strange, maybe only artists can understand what I mean. Anyway, I wasn’t able to … Continue

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Gage: Bev

This one stated out good, but then began to fall apart. I didn’t get a lot done here because I was struggling so much. At one point I used a large brush and gently brushed over the entire painting to soften all the edges and push everything back. This worked well, I still had the … Continue

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Jar of Daisies

I started a longer painting tonight, I plan to work on this for the next three sessions.

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Turning an Orange

Tonight is a simple focus on turning a form, in this case an orange. I have been finding it hard to get the form of what I paint to turn in space. To make it feel as if the surface is moving back in space away from the viewer.

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Figure from Photo

I’m still trying to find a good replacement for not having a model for my nightly paintings. So tonight I spent well over an hour trying to find a good photo online. Finding photos with good lighting is very difficult, photos destroy most details in light and shadow anyway. So I liked this photo but … Continue

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My Hand

In a struggle to paint something figure related tonight I decided to use my own hand. After 30 minutes of holding my hand in the same position I think it was ready to fall off. This was more of a test really. I want to paint the figure and considering I can’t hire a model … Continue

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