I’m trying this same setup a second time with a slightly larger canvas and more working time.
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I started this painting a bit late so my focus was as great as I would have wanted. I was very happy that I painted as thickly as I did, but I’m not happy with the cloth. The cloth is way too flat and I didn’t get the values correct in order to turn it in space. I like the subject though, I may try it again tonight and see how I do. One thing that I have always noticed is that you always paint the same subject better each time you tackle it.
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I wanted to do a painting that was very dark with a lot of focus on subtle transitions of light and the small reflections on bottles. I had such a hard time with this one, mainly due to the Gesso on the panel having issues.
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After tons of food, drink and merriment we returned home late. I found myself pleasantly inebriated yet willing to continue the festivities with brush and canvas. The placement of my brushstrokes were a bit more difficult than normal but I enjoyed my carefree attitude afforded by the alcohol. Unfortunately, weariness got the better of me and I had to retire after only 30 minutes.
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I really liked how the black dark wine bottle from the last painting melted into the darkness, and I wanted to repeat that more here.
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After a long painting with multiple sessions its always refreshing to whip out a painting on a small canvas in an hour. I’m really happy with this one and I’m going to continue with a similar subject tonight.
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The seventh and last session for this painting. It has taken me much longer that I was expecting and even still, there are passages I feel were rushed. Mostly within the complexity of the celtic designs is where I should have slowed down more and take longer to observer as carefully as possible. Like a lot of artist I have a tendency to dabble, as in brushing the canvas with paint while without thought. Careful and considered placement of brushstrokes has always improved my paintings, but old habits are hard to break.


But don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the overall outcome of this painting. The overall values are very closed to how I imagined. I like it dark, and I’m not afraid to hide most of the painting in shadow, there is a mystery that I’m chasing.
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Almost done now, I’m thinking that I will be finished with this one by tomorrow. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.
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Still pluggin’ away at this one. I better put some more time in it or the water in the jar is going to start smelling. Yikes!
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The sunflower is completely different now compared to when I started. Which isn’t too bad as I fell I have gone as far as possible with it. Now I’m dealing with all the subtle color and value transitions within the celtic cloth, not to mention the drawing of all the intricate patterns. Working on it takes lots of focus and time, so I’m moving fairly slowly with it.
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