Session 2 of spices and bottles. I had to break out my more intense colors for this subject. It seems like the only time I need a cadmium red, cadmium yellow and manganese blue is when unnatural manufactured products are involved. The last series of paintings my most intense color was alizarin crimson.


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A new subject today. I was looking at all of my paintings hanging in our hallway and I wanted to find one that I liked enough to do another months worth of paintings of. I chose this one, which I have liked immensely since the day I painted it. So, tonight is the first session of spices.
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This is the third and last session of this painting and I’m really proud of what I have accomplished. I really feel that this painting is a culmination of all that I have learned over the last month of painting this similar subject daily.
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Session 2 of the jar of tea with my tree lamp. I’m working really hard on this one with tons of focus. My main idea is to paint this as if the artists I look up to most will be seeing it. If it’s not right and I know it, don’t let it pass.
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Session 1 of the tree lamp, a jar of tea and a wine bottle.
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Olive oil and two wine bottles.
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Up super late and doing a small and quick painting.
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Tonight I tried painting on an oil ground again. Previously I didn’t like it, I think because I was painting too thinly. Tonight a double coated oil ground on the canvas board was dry enough to paint on and I figured out that it truly is the best surface to paint on. Now I just have to put a process in place where I put oil ground on a canvas every night, so I can build up a stock pile of oil ground canvases. It would be much easier if it dried over night, but this stuff can take up to a week to dry.
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Standing like Sargent. Happy Birthday to me!
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So today I reviewed lots of information about John Singer Sargent and his painting methods.


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