Last Gage Class


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This was my last open studio at Gage Art Academy before our move. I would love to say that the session went really well, but honestly its sucked really bad. I just couldn’t get my head together for the drawings, I was struggling the whole time. But, I learned a big lesson here. I need to draw much more, along with my painting. I may start doing a drawing and painting session every night. Besides I have been wanting to increase my time every night, this may be a good way of doing that. Continue reading

Elevating the Mundane 20: Session 2


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Paper is always moving. A frustrating fact that I have to deal with while painting this series. I’m thinking that it depends on the humidity in the room, but regardless I have to make some subjective judgements while navigating the complex folds. I’m fine with this, I’m not wanting to reproduce the paper in photographic detail. Besides, when the subject moves it give me a chance to pick out the best of several positions. Continue reading